Mighty101 the best multi-purpose cleaner on the market- Eco-friendly, Safe and a simple solution to all your cleaning needs.

New product 2021

Mighty 101 At last there is a brand new multi-purpose cleaner that replaces every existing cleaning product in today’s market. A product so cost effective because it really does clean everything.

Introducing the amazing, cleaning sensation we’ve called Mighty101 This remarkable product is a revelation in cleaning management specifically designed to be “One single product that has over hundred and one uses.” Contact Us

Designed with you in mind

Formulated into a powder with focus on helping our planet by enabling us to pack it in sachets reducing the need for the bulky packaging associated with most cleaning products. Therefore saving on fuel costs and storage space, too.

And of course, the sachets are ready to recycle with the rest of your paper products to help save the planet even further.

Our ONE product eliminates virtually every cleaning product you are currently using. In addition, MPC 101 is Eco-friendly, non-toxic, making it safe to use in your kitchen and around babies or infants and, of course, it is 100% biodegradable.

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How is it different?

MPC1O1 really does clean everything safely saving you time & money by not having to buy a whole range of sometimes toxic liquid cleaners.

The key to our success is in the design with the end user in mind. Packed into sachets that are simple to use, easy to store and safe for people, pets and the planet too. And of course, recyclable! More Info

Packaging How to Use

This unique cleaner degreaser packed into small sachets measuring about 100 x 65 x 3 mm. Orders of either 5 or 10 sachets delivered quickly and safely in standard sized envelopes via normal mail channels.

Making it easy and simple for anyone to order our product for shipping to anyone else anywhere in the world.

Believe it or not, just one order of 10 sachets is enough cleaning product to last the average home or office for a whole year. You work out the savings you can make based on what your home or office currently spends on regular cleaning products.

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How do you mix?

Tear open a small sachet and empty into an empty contents into a spray bottle, fill the spray bottle with ordinary tap water. Replace the trigger-head on the spray bottle and shake the contents well. Contact

The powder will dissolve immediately and you are ready to clean everything in your home or office safely.

Did you notice that by using this method you are joining us in helping to save the planet? It is not necessary to continue to buy new plastic spray bottles every time you want another cleaning product! Please recycle whatever and wherever you can.

How do you Use?

Once you have mixed Mighty 101 the product transforms into a super efficient grease busting, stain neutralizing, wizard of a cleaner.

Once mixed with water, spray the area that needs cleaning, leave for around 10 – 20 seconds and wipe clean. For really stubborn dirt, grime and staining, you may need to leave for 20 – 30 seconds. Please visit the how to use page for full instructions.

One Product 101 uses

Why use many cleaning products when all you need is a single product to tackle all your cleaning needs. A single product that is more efficient at a fraction of the cost.

ECO Issues

Most supermarket cleaning products contains caustic, sometimes even toxic, chemicals and compounds which biodegrade slowly and often not completely.

In many cases some of these cleaning solutions typically include volatile, organic compounds that deplete the ozone layer.

MPC101 British Made


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New product 2021